White Boy Learning Burmese

The journey of an average white guy trying to learn a non-Indo-European language

Burmese Font

Ok, many of the posts on this site will contain Burmese font, which you will NOT be able to see unless you have the proper Unicode font. (To learn more about Unicode fonts, please go here)

This site will utilize the ZawGyi Myanmar font, which used to be very widely available, but since its main site shut down, it’s now a bit rarer, thus, you may download the font from this site. (<– That font is dated use THIS ONE instead.) Install the font on whatever OS you’re using, it should be cross-platform, and if you’re using Firefox (which I recommend that you do, since the font doesn’t co-operate well with Chrome), you may have to switch the default font in the Preferences to Zawgyi-One to properly see all Zawgyi text.  This will NOT mess up your web-browser as you know it.


If you can see that and it does not look like a bunch of squares, congratulations, you’ve done it right.