White Boy Learning Burmese

The journey of an average white guy trying to learn a non-Indo-European language

Use Facebook in Burmese, fellow white people!


Ok, so Facebook is about 95% translated into Burmese.  We’re still waiting on that last 5% but it’s gone up 1% since last night, so the team has been working very hard!  However, dear white people, when it does finally come out in Burmese…


Yeah, that’s right, I want you to start using Facebook in Burmese, even if you don’t understand a darn thing.  “But..  But… Why”, you ask?  Well, because it has even helped me learn some new words (like the true Burmese word for cell phone, even though all of my friends just say “cell phone”) and even some nifty phrases.  Look, it’s not like it translates all of your friends’ posts into Burmese, they will still show up in English, just like they do now (because you don’t have any Burmese friends and need to add some!!!).

Also, this helps the big push of the death of Zawgyi and the rise of Burmese unicode!  I mean, seriously, it’s a lot easier to write in Unicode than in Zawgyi…

So get out there, install the Myanmar3 Unicode font, and prepare to switch when I give the OK signal!


4 thoughts on “Use Facebook in Burmese, fellow white people!

  1. Good ur speaking. Please contact me .Facebook is emocrazy33@gmail.com. I am Myanmar. May i help you?

  2. haha… အပေါ်က ပိုစ့်ကို လေယူလေသိမ်းနဲ့ ၀င်းဟိန်းကို မင်းသားလုပ်ပြီး ယူနီကုဒ်ဖောင့်ကို ကြော်ငြာခိုင်းရမယ်…. 😛

  3. Learning Burmese.

  4. Good learning from here. Please try to catch what they are singing.

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