White Boy Learning Burmese

The journey of an average white guy trying to learn a non-Indo-European language

A Video to Support My Idea of Reading Practice


I would like to draw attention to this video for a moment.  It’s entitled Read Japanese Fluently (毛虫答え03) and the creator “KemushiChan” actually does a pretty decent job explaining the learn-to-read process not just for Japanese, but really for any language!  In Burmese, it does get frustrating at times to even pick up my little coloring book entitled ဘုရားသခင္သည္… (“God is…”) and not understand certain words, but she reminds me of what I already knew and stubbornly forget:

  • Make sure you’re reading at your level.
  • Don’t depend on dictionaries so much.
  • Focus on certain passages at a time.
  • Read for comprehension, not for complete understanding.
  • Enjoy it! (Don’t read children’s books if you don’t like them, and don’t continue to read if you get frustrated!)

That’s all I wanted to say for now!  Ta-ta!



2 thoughts on “A Video to Support My Idea of Reading Practice

  1. I’ve read that you can speak several languages. Have you ever learned two languages at once ? If so how do you cope and if not how much time do you give for one language to become proficient before you start to learn another? Your burmese is awesome and i assume you don’t even reside in burma? Thank you for this blog as well, I enjoy reading it a lot. Cheers!

    • Thanks for the kind words, Gugu! I’ll start with the end of your paragraph and work backwards 😀
      Thank you for reading and enjoying the blog, as it is a lot better for me to write in it when I know people actually like it! You’re correct, I do not live in Burma, however, sometimes, it’s almost as if I AM in Burma because there are certain things I can do here that make life a little bit more “Burmese”. Like, go to a Burmese grocery store, listen to Burmese music, visit Burmese people’s homes to chat, go to my church (where we worship IN BURMESE :D), or even attend the festivals at the monastery like the ရွင္ျပဳပြဲ (Novice Ordination Ceremony). I actually suppose to suffice the rest of your question, it may be time for me to make an English blog post! Stay tuned and keep asking questions when you have them!

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